Slice..::..OnFlat Method

This slice function makes a seperate cut for the positive and negative side, at a specified offset in both directions. It rebuilds straddle triangles, but only uses one of the two straddle edge intersection vertices to prevent tiny triangles from being created.

Namespace:  TVGL.Boolean_Operations
Assembly:  TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal (in TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal.dll)


public static void OnFlat(
	TessellatedSolid ts,
	Flat plane,
	out List<TessellatedSolid> positiveSideSolids,
	out List<TessellatedSolid> negativeSideSolids
Public Shared Sub OnFlat ( _
	ts As TessellatedSolid, _
	plane As Flat, _
	<OutAttribute> ByRef positiveSideSolids As List(Of TessellatedSolid), _
	<OutAttribute> ByRef negativeSideSolids As List(Of TessellatedSolid) _
static void OnFlat(
	TessellatedSolid^ ts, 
	Flat^ plane, 
	[OutAttribute] List<TessellatedSolid^>^% positiveSideSolids, 
	[OutAttribute] List<TessellatedSolid^>^% negativeSideSolids


Type: TVGL..::..TessellatedSolid
The ts.
Type: TVGL..::..Flat
The plane.
Type: List<(Of <(<'TessellatedSolid>)>)>%
The solids that are on the positive side of the plane This means that are on the side that the normal faces.
Type: List<(Of <(<'TessellatedSolid>)>)>%
The solids on the negative side of the plane.