Polygon Members

The Polygon type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Polygon()()()()
Polygon null constructor
Public method Polygon(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(Point>)>>), Boolean, Int32)
Polygon Constructor


  Name Description
Public method GetSelfIntersectionPoints
Gets all the intersection points if the polygon is self intersecting.
Public method LineLineIntersection
Detemines if Two Lines intersect. Outputs intersection point if they do. If two lines are colinear, they are not considered intersecting.


  Name Description
Public field Area
Gets the area of the polygon. Negative Area for holes.
Public field Childern
A list of the polygons inside this polygon.
Public field IsConvex
Gets whether the path is CCW positive == not a hole.
Public field IsOpen
Gets whether the polygon has an open path.
Public field IsSelfIntersecting
Gets whether the path is self intersecting.
Public field Length
Gets the length of the polygon.
Public field Parent
The polygon that this polygon is inside of.
Public field Path
The list of 2D points that make up a polygon.
Public field PathLines
The list of lines that make up a polygon.


  Name Description
Public property Index
The index of this child in its parent's child list.
Public property IsPositive
Gets or sets whether the path is CCW positive. This will reverse the path if it was ordered CW.