TessellatedSolid Class

Class TessellatedSolid.
Class TessellatedSolid - functions related to edge initialization.
Class TessellatedSolid.

Namespace:  TVGL
Assembly:  TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal (in TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal.dll)


public class TessellatedSolid
Public Class TessellatedSolid
public ref class TessellatedSolid


This is the currently the main class within TVGL all filetypes are read in as a TessellatedSolid, and all interesting operations work on the TessellatedSolid.


This partial class file includes all the weird and complicated ways that edges are created when a tessellated solid is made. Since edges are rarely explicitly defined in a file, we create these after vertices and faces. In so doing, one may find some error with the file. Here we attempt to patch those up..


This partial class file is focused on static functions that relate to Tessellated Solid.

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