Loop Fields

The Loop type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public field AdjOnsideFaceIndices
A list of the idices of the faces that were adjacent and onside to the straddle faces
Public field Area
The area of the loop
Public field DependentLoops
Negative loops must always be inside positive loops. This is a place to store all the pos/neg loop dependency.
Public field IsClosed
Is the loop closed?
Public field IsPositive
Is the loop positive - meaning does it enclose material versus representing a hole
Public field OnSideContactFaces
The faces that were formed on-side for this loop. About 2/3 s of these faces should have one negligible adjacent face.
Public field Perimeter
The length of the loop.
Public field StraddleFaceIndices
A list of the idices of the straddle faces
Public field VertexLoop
The vertices making up this loop