Constants..::..VertexCheckSumMultiplier Field

VertexCheckSumMultiplier is the checksum multiplier to be used for face and edge references. Since the edges connect two vertices the maximum value this can be is the square root of the max. value of a long (see above). However, during debugging, it is nice to see the digits of the vertex indices embedded in check, so when debugging, this is reducing to 1 billion instead of 3 billion. This way if you are connecting vertex 1234 with 5678, you will get a checksum = 5678000001234

Namespace:  TVGL
Assembly:  TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal (in TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal.dll)


public const long VertexCheckSumMultiplier
Public Const VertexCheckSumMultiplier As Long
literal long long^ VertexCheckSumMultiplier