BoundingBox..::..PointsOnFaces Field

The PointsOnFaces is an array of 6 lists which are vertices of the tessellated solid that are on the faces of the bounding box. These are not the corners of the bounding box. They are in the order of direction1-low, direction1-high, direction2-low, direction2-high, direction3-low, direction3-high.

Namespace:  TVGL
Assembly:  TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal (in TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal.dll)


public List<Vertex>[] PointsOnFaces
Public PointsOnFaces As List(Of Vertex)()
array<List<Vertex^>^>^ PointsOnFaces