MinimumEnclosure..::..ConvexHull2DMaximal Method

Returns the MAXIMMAL 2D convex hull for given list of points. This only works on the x and y coordinates of the points. The term maximal refers to the fact that all points that lie on the convex hull are included in the result. This is useful if one if trying to identify such points. Otherwise, if the shape is what is important than the minimal approach is preferred.

Namespace:  TVGL
Assembly:  TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal (in TessellationAndVoxelizationGeometryLibraryUniversal.dll)


public static List<Point> ConvexHull2DMaximal(
	IList<Point> points
Public Shared Function ConvexHull2DMaximal ( _
	points As IList(Of Point) _
) As List(Of Point)
static List<Point^>^ ConvexHull2DMaximal(
	IList<Point^>^ points


Type: IList<(Of <(<'Point>)>)>
The points.

Return Value