Current Version

Currently GraphSynth is at version This has been established on September 8th, 2006. All the source code has been written in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET - C#. A free C# compiler is available in Microsoft's Express Editions (in fact much of GraphSynth was written in this version).

Download the GraphSynth Solution and Source Files

Download GraphSynth.exe. Installation (does not require Visual Studio, but will prompt you for .Net Framework installation)


Since GraphSynth (July 14th, 2006)

 The main change is the ability to edit settings within GraphSynth.

 Prompt for settings

 Rule set

 3 to 10

Since GraphSynth

 Too numerous to list. GraphSynth started in January of 2005.

Known Issues

 The visualization library known as Netron is an open-source diagramming software that has also undergone many changes concurrent with this development. The original creator has apparently lost interest but a group of enthusiasts has attempted to keep it going (Netron Reloaded).

 Cut, Paste, Copy, and Delete of nodes and arcs is currently not possible. Editing the XML directly will in some sense do this for you. This will be done when Netron is more stable.

 The layout algorithms are stable but not always functioning. Again, a Netron issue that will hopefully be fixed with new versions of the Netron library.

 Poor redrawing of labels. Iím chalking this up to Netron as well.

 Current website is only compatible with IE.


Find a Problem? Contact: Dr. Matt Campbell and Sandeep Nair